It has been great fun making the film Macbeth’s Disciple and bringing to life some of the off stage action alluded to in Shakespeare’s text.


You never know when Macbeth is watching you! It was quite funny when Macbeth, played by Roger Barclay, was on set as both crew and other cast members said they felt as if they wanted to bow or curtsey to him. Roger had such presence in the role. That’s me in the cream gear going to talk to another cast member, Sam Wood-Dow who played Douglas.

I was very pleased to receive this comment from a cast member after the London screening.

Even though I have always been very aware of Shakespeare it’s so often been taught to me in the dullest, lifeless, un-flattering and boring way. I truly believe more films of Disciple’s nature should be made as they would have such a positive effect and would give Shakespeare back its value. One of the first things I did when the credits stopped rolling was turn… and say, ‘ Well? What happens next? I wanna see!”

Thanks Tom, it was good to hear this.

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3 thoughts on “Post-screening

  1. More ‘behind the scenes’ pictures please!

  2. Imran on June 5th, 2013 at 4:14 am
  3. Great video, I wish I was taught Macbeth this way!

  4. Jia on June 9th, 2013 at 4:57 am
  5. I read Macbeth my Senior year. I was amazed at, atulohgh it’s distinctly Shakespeare, it is like a Gothic work of fiction. This is very unusual because Gothic was not yet written. This was a play performed by Shakespeare in the Renaissance era. Gothic horror and romance did not come until later. It has supernatural elements that can be frightening- the floating knife with which Macbeth uses to kill Duncan, the ghost of Banquo at the dinner table and the decapitation of Macbeth at the very end of the play. Don’t forget the Witches and their very truthful predictions. These elements can exist in a Gothic novel. But Shakespeare has made it into a play that is entertaining, dark and suspenseful. I have not seen it live yet. The play is so good in fact that it inspired opera composer Verdi to make it into opera. And there is a chilling movie by macabre master Roman Polanski. Read it for yourself and see how great it is

  6. Rudolf on November 24th, 2015 at 9:07 pm

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