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  Cormac   Douglas   Macbeth   Fleance
  Lileas   Thorold   Thane of Ross   Banquo
  Anna   Others The Three Wyrd Sisters (The Witches) also Weird Sisters

THOROLD is a Viking. A former Norse slave originally captured and belonging to Cormac’s father.
Since those early days, Thorold has come to love this family, especially Cormac. He has sworn to be a loyal, dependable ally. He will go through hell for Cormac, who gave him his freedom. Thorold is strong and a good fighter, but commands little respect because of his former slave status. Except to Cormac, who uses Thorold to protect him.

Thorold accompanies Cormac on every mission. They have been sent by Macbeth on more and more dangerous missions and Cormac likes to discuss his tactics with Thorold in advance. Such trust is worth a thousand silver coins. The men are beginning to notice how much respect Cormac has for Thorold.

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